Giuseppe Rizzi

(512) 669-5636

One Real Estate LLC

3050 Tamarron Blvd Austin, TX 78746

With more than 30 years of real estate investments experience in the US and Europe, Giuseppe Rizzi is proud to work, live, and raise his family in Austin, Texas. As former clients attest, Giuseppe is a passionate, caring, and effective partner; his expertise spans all phases including design, construction, market research, the sales & purchasing process, and real estate as an investment. 

While Giuseppe is determined to deliver the best deal monetarily, his personal goal is to ensure clients feel joyful and energized by the outcome. As a creative communicator, Giuseppe Rizzi utilizes imagery and emotion to comprehend client wishes then integrates them into his customized strategy.

As a young man in Venice, Giuseppe learned how impactful sensory & emotional engagement is to experience, therefore the dwelling we surround ourselves with is fundamental to happiness. Just 10 years after founding a small brokerage, Giuseppe became a partner in one of Northeast Italy’s most dynamic real estate groups. In 2016, Giuseppe returned to the US and chose Austin as his home; the physical environment, the lively people, and the welcoming culture create an enticing energy. Giuseppe strives to help his clients, including long time locals and people relocating from the East or West Coast, capitalize on these positive Austin vibes.

Giuseppe’s comprehensive approach to business encompasses traditional tactics, such as trend analysis and strategic negotiation, as well as personal techniques to ensure he understands buyer and seller needs and that clients receive outcomes that work for them, financially and spiritually. He is most distinctive in his communication style, which extends beyond providing data, answering questions, and exchanging emails. To understand clients on a deeper level, Giuseppe communicates with imagery, feelings, body language, and things left unsaid.  Giuseppe then customizes his strategy to deliver the perfect outcome for each client, like a finely tailored Italian suit. By listening to client’s concerns and hopes, he determines the best type of home and neighborhood to ensure clients live their best life. By sharing his knowledge of architectural design, construction, and remodeling, Giuseppe assists clients with completing their dream projects.

Giuseppe appreciates spending time around Austin with his family: wife, Miriam, sons, Sebastiano & Federico, and Labrador, Sparky. Inheriting a passion for Italian food and wine from his grandfather, a famous chef in New York, Giuseppe also enjoys cooking spaghetti carbonara for his real estate team.